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Secret to Better Mondays
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5 Transferable Career Skills
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50 Companies that Offer Tuition Reimburement
See which companies help you pay for college

So my fellow college students will definitely agree that paying college is no easy feat. I mean even with help from parents, grants, scholarships, it's still possible to come up short on your tuition. One of the ways to help pay for college is through tuition reimbursement. 

Tuition Reimbursement is an often overlooked form of financial aid available to many to help decrease the costs of earning your degree. Higher Education has over the years become a necessity, opening doors for many to gain access to jobs that offer a higher salary and excellent benefits. Tuition costs have unfortunately been on a steady increase year over year, with one year costing as much as $40,000 at some institutions. 

Fortunately there are many companies out there that place a high value on a college education, and express this through offering tuition assistance. Tuition assistance can include tuition reimbursements, student loans at extremely low rates, tuition discounts, and college credits for courses taken at work. Below you will find a list of companies that should be on every college students list because of their tuition assistance programs, which in some cases are even given to Part Time team members. Some of the companies on the list may surprise you and feel free to add to the list.


The Banking/ Financial Industry on a whole is extremely generous when it comes to offering tuition  reimbursement and it is pretty much considered a standard benefit by most.

Bank of America


Capital One

Wells Fargo

PNC Bank

Jp Morgan Chase- Tuition Reimbursement tied to performance

Suntrust Bank

TD Bank

Citi Bank


American Express


Space Coast Credit Union




T Mobile


Best Buy- Full Time Team Members Only


Amazon- Select majors only


Retail/Services/ Food and Beverage:

Starbucks- They announced that they will offer free 4 year degrees in partnership with the Arizona State University to all employees, this makes Starbucks one of the most generous companies where tuition reimbursement is concerned.



Toys R Us

Ross/ DDs Discounts- Limited tuition reimbursement in the form of a scholarship based on academic performance

Publix Supermarkets



Walmart - Tuition Discounts

Home Depot

TJX Stores (Marshalls etc)- Tuition reimbursement available only for those at the Corporate Home Office





Macy's-Tuition Reimbursement available to select employees

Bloomingdales- Tuition Reimbursement available to select employees

Saks Fifth Avenue


Gap Inc. (Stores include Old Navy)- Limited Tuition Reimbursement for Full Time employees and only for select courses

Limited Brands (Stores in Include Victoria Secrets)- Tuition Reimbursement available only for Full Time Employees for select majors

Office Depot

Office Max


Wegmans Food Market

Men's Warehouse

Airline Industry

American Airlines

US Airways


Are there any companies we forgot to add to the list? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

50 Companies that Offer Tuition Reimburement
How to Ace an Open Book Test

So it's syllabus week, and the professor states that all the exams will be open book tests. At this point you're probably thinking wow, what a time to be alive! Don't get too excited, at least not just yet. The truth is open book tests can be just as challenging, and depending on the material it can actually be harder than traditional tests. Here are 3 must follow tips for acing an open book test. Good luck!

Actually Study

How to Ace an Open Book Test
You should prepare for an open book test like you would any other

One of the biggest mistakes students make when it comes to open book tests is to not study. Many students incorrectly assume that studying is a waste of time since the answers will be just a page turn away. Big mistake!

As I mentioned before open book tests can be just as challenging, so you'll want to ensure you're very prepared. Also if you're not familiar with the book, you could end up spending more time searching for answers instead of actually doing the test. So it's best to prepare for an open book test like you would any other test.

Use You Index and Glossary

How to Ace an Open Book Test
Your index and glossary makes finding info during an exam faster and easier

In an open book test, a lot of time can be spent searching for answers, especially if you're not familiar with the book. One of the best ways to prevent this is to make use of index and glossary.

After reading the questions, highlight the keywords, then use the keywords to search the index for the relevant pages. For simple definitions, the glossary will prove helpful in finding words you may not understand, and may have trouble finding in the book.

Use Your Notes

How to Ace an Open Book Test
Your notes will be easier to navigate than your textbook
As a college student, you should always be taking notes. Note taking is a great way to retain info, and to ensure you actually understand the material. For open book tests, it may also be easier to navigate through your notes than say a 500 page textbook.

Using your syllabus or exam guidelines, make notes of relevant material, and categorize by heading. Then instead of using your textbook, use your notes.

Do you have any other tips for doing well on an open book test? Tell us in the comments below!

cell phone, phone interview tips for college students
These tips will help you land the job

Interviews have really evolved over the years. I don't know about you but it seems to me that hiring managers are always coming up with new ways to weed out the undersirables. While their tactics may work on other lame under achieving candidates, don't let it catch you. One such tactic is the phone interview. Once upon a time you could pretty much guarantee that an interview meant only a face to face encounter. Now with technology, changing job requirements (think work from home), and a super competitive work environment, phone interviews have become pretty commonplace as well. Before you get all excited, thinking that phone interviews are a walk in the park. Just know that phone interviews come pre-packed with it's own set of challenges. Here are the phone interview tips every college student should know.
It is possible to have better Mondays 

 Wouldn't you like to improve the way you feel on Mondays? Wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to conquer the week? Maybe even stop posting those anti-Monday memes on your social media for a change? It's no secret that Monday is the most hated day of the week. As a people we may not be able to agree on much, but basically everyone agrees that Mondays stink. Luckily it is possible to have better Mondays. It is possible to look forward to the start of the week just as much as you look forward to the end of it. You don't have to be stressed, and simply working for the weekend. Here are the steps to follow to make Mondays suck less. Who knows, you might actually start liking the day.

What's big, red, and inflamed all around? Acne! And if you're planning on getting clear skin anytime soon, you're going to want to include an acne face mask in your beauty routine like now.
As anyone who finally got rid of acne will tell you, finally achieving clear skin is going to require more than a three step approach.
Why? Well your cleanser, toner, and moisturizer may simply not be enough to tame breakouts. That's where a good acne mask comes in. Face masks are designed to not only hydrate, but also treat skin concerns. They're also pretty good at unclogging pores too.
Not all acne face masks are created equal, however, so we decided to help you out and compile a list of the best ones. Check it out!
desktop, in between classes
Use your time in between classes productively.

Choosing the perfect class schedule is an art many college students have yet to master. Whether you waited till the last minute, or your class hours just refuse to align, you may find yourself with tons of time in between classes to spare.
Of course you could just use that that time to browse Facebook, see what's trending on Twitter, or some other random activity. Or you could put that valuable free time between classes to good use. Here are 12 things you can do in between your college classes.
climb the corporate ladder, transferable career skills
These are the career skills you'll need to make it to the top.

If you speak to any recent graduate right now, they'll tell you straight up things are rough out here. We were told that all we needed to do was to go to college, graduate, and we'd be met with a nice high paying job complete with benefits and napping pods.
Well for most of us, things haven't quite played out that way. Not only is the pay often less than expected, but we're expected to know a wide range of things we never even learned in college.
Luckily one of the best ways to stand out as recent graduate is to gain career skills.  While you'll certainly need to know the necessary skills related to your field, you'll also need to develop a set of transferable career skills, that will make you attractive to just about any employer.