How to Ace an Open Book Test

So it's syllabus week, and the professor states that all the exams will be open book tests. At this point you're probably thinking wow, what a time to be alive! Don't get too excited, at least not just yet. The truth is open book tests can be just as challenging, and depending on the material it can actually be harder than traditional tests. Here are 3 must follow tips for acing an open book test. Good luck!

Actually Study One of the biggest mistakes students make when it comes to open book tests is to not study. Many students incorrectly assume that studying is a waste of time since the answers will be just a page turn away. Big mistake!

As I mentioned before open book tests can be just as challenging, so you'll want to ensure you're very prepared. Also if you're not familiar with the book, you could end up spending more time searching for answers instead of actually doing the test. So it's best to prepare for an open book test like you would any other te…