The Secret To Better Mondays And A Better Week

It is possible to have better Mondays 

 Wouldn't you like to improve the way you feel on Mondays? Wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to conquer the week? Maybe even stop posting those anti-Monday memes on your social media for a change? It's no secret that Monday is the most hated day of the week. As a people we may not be able to agree on much, but basically everyone agrees that Mondays stink. Luckily it is possible to have better Mondays. It is possible to look forward to the start of the week just as much as you look forward to the end of it. You don't have to be stressed, and simply working for the weekend. Here are the steps to follow to make Mondays suck less. Who knows, you might actually start liking the day.

Change Your Perspective

secret to better mondays
Change your outlook on the day

Ok so hear me out. Has it ever crossed your mind that Mondays suck only because you think it does? I mean I really hate to be pulling the psychology card, but your mind is a very powerful force. Your perspective on Mondays may very well be the thing that is causing the start of the week to feel so horrible. Try waking up with positive vibes for a change. Take charge of the day, don't allow the day to take charge of you. Understand the power you have in how the day evolves, and embrace it. Your Mondays will feel much better when you change your outlook.  

Plan For It

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Don't let the day catch you off guard

One of the main reasons Mondays may suck is because it seems to come out of nowhere. Think about it. The weekend comes around, you settle into a new routine that includes mimosas, late nights, late mornings, and then bam, just like that you have to be up at 6. Like what just happened? To make the transition to Monday easier, plan for it. It is inevitably going to come around, so it is better to be prepared. Plan what you're going to wear, and eat for breakfast. Plan to wake up early by actually going to bed early. By not letting the start of the work week catch you off guard, you'll actually have a better day. 

Have A Better Sunday

secret to better mondays

A relaxing Sunday can lead to less stressful Mondays   
Who would have thought that the secret to better Mondays lies in having a great Sunday. The way you spend your Sunday can have a big impact on how your Monday plays out. Think very carefully about what you choose to do on a Sunday. Maybe Sunday isn't the best day to go bar hopping and getting wasted. Try to make your Sunday as relaxing as possible. Do yoga, read a book, go to the local park. Take a trip to the spa, get a facial, or a massage (or both). Use the day to reflect on your plans for the week. Your Monday will feel much better when you aren't trying to recoup from the day before.

Meal Prep

secret to better mondays, meal prep
Secret to better mondays and a better week could lie in a good meal prep.

I don't know about you but one of the things that stresses me out through the week is my meals. Having a plan for what to eat through the week can not only be less stressful, but also save time and be more healthy. Make a calendar for the week, and on that calendar make a plan for what to eat each day making sure to include snacks. Then make everything on the weekend, and put it aside in containers labelled by the day. Enjoy.

Tell us in the comments below your secrets to a better Monday, and a better week.
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