3 Things To Save Money On In Your 20s

save money, save money in 20s
These money traps can drain your wallet

Your 20s is always presented as a time to try new things, go all out, and make mistakes. While this is true to some extent, your 20s is also a time to develop good habits. The fact is some mistakes can follow you for a lifetime. This is especially true of financial mistakes. A couple of bad money moves and you could find yourself spending the rest of your life trying to financially recover. One area to pay special attention to is spending.  Between buying new gadgets, and staying up to date with your favorite tv shows, you find yourself wasting hundreds of dollars every month. Add to that the credit cards, and you could eventually have a debt as big as your student loans. That's why we've compiled a list of things to save money on in your 20s. Hopefully you'll avoid these mistakes.

Cable TV

cable tv, save money in 20s, ditch cable
Cable tv can run into the hundreds of dollars every month

 Is it just us or do all the good tv shows only come on cable? What's up with that? Seriously. Game of thrones aside, cable bills can put a serious dent in your wallet. Also considering that companies just love to bundle it up with other services (do people still use house phones?), you could be looking at a $200 bill. In an age of internet tv the only thing you really need is a good wifi connection. Many major cable networks now offer packages specifically for cord cutters. You no longer need cable to watch the best of HBO or Starz. Also who could forget Netflix, they practically invented binge watching. Some of the best tv shows right now are Netflix produced. Now I want you to repeat after me people. "Cut. The. Cord."  

Cellphone Plans

cell phone, save money in 20s
There are now tons of options for cell phone plans which make paying hundreds of dollars a month insane!

 Anyone paying over $60 a month right now on a cell phone plan, needs to take a long hard look at themself in the mirror. What are you doing? I'm sure not even Bill Gate's daughter pays that much. There are so many affordable plans out there right now it's not even funny. The competition is so crazy that companies are offering unlimited plans for a $1 for one year. Phone offerings have also improved greatly. Budget phones are so high tech right now that they could give there higher end counterparts a run for there money. You can find many of the same features on an iPhone, on a $200 Android. Even Apple has a budget phone for those looking to save. So you basically have no excuse.  

Eating Out

eating out, save money in 20s
Eating out can add up over time.

 Ok so I definitely don't agree with that guy that was trying to convince everybody that millennials can't afford homes because we pay too much for avocado toast. Like no man we broke because the previous generation screwed us over (that's a conversation best left for another time). That, however, doesn't mean that some of us couldn't cut back on eating out. A $5 coffee here, and a $7 fruit smoothie there can add up really fast. Not to mention happy hour, and nights spent eating at trendy food chains. My advice, head to YouTube, and learn to cook once and for all.

 Can you think of anything else? Tell us in the comments below.  

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