Where to Find the Best Internships

where to find the best internships, girl working at college job
See where you can find internships from top companies like Facebook and Verizon.

 While you've probably been drinking iced coffee since March, summer actually officially began on June 22. As a college student you no longer have the luxury of spending your summer wasting away. No, not with money to be made and work experience to be gained. That's where a summer internship comes in. Unfortunately, however, not all internships are created the same. You definitely don't want to spend the summer getting coffee for your superiors. Especially when you could be chilling poolside instead. So we've rounded up a list of where to find the best internships this summer. Enjoy.


where to find the best internships
Internships.com, now Chegg Internships, is a great place for virtual internships 

 The name says it all. This is definitely one of the first places to check out when looking for internship opportunities. The site has thousands of internships, from companies both big and small. Internships also cover just about every field, from business to health. The site also has a large selection of virtual (think work from home) internships, so you can gain work experience while in your pajamas.  

Her Campus Job Board

where to find best internships
 Get career advice along with internship opportunities.

 Brought to you by the great team at Her Campus, this job board posts some of the highest quality internships around. You can expect to find internship offers from recognizable companies like Verizon, and Entrepreneur Magazine. The job board is a great resource for those looking for opportunities in PR, communication, marketing, and advertising.  


where to find best internships
Get internship opportunities from some of the best in the industry including Facebook

  Previously known as Looksharp, Wayup offers another great resource for interns. The company boasts over 300,000 employers some of which includes big wigs like Facebook. The company also aims to be a great resource for career advice, perfect for plotting your next move after your internship ends.  


where to find the best internships
The world's most famous job site, also boasts an impressive variety of internships

 The world's #1 job site also posts some of the best internships around. In addition, Indeed offers company reviews and salary information, perfect for getting an inside look into a company before you even apply.  

Intern Queen

where to find best internships
One of the best resources for internship advice also has a great collection of internship opportunities

 They don't call Lauren Berger the intern queen for nothing. Lauren Berger has established herself as one of the top specialists in her field. Intern Queen is jam packed with advice most interns will find useful. Everything from standing out at your internship to making the transition from intern to permanent employee. The Intern Queen is also a great place for not just US based internships but international ones as well. Forget NY or LA, you could spend your summer in Japan or Singapore instead.  

The Muse

where to find the best internships
The Muse is a wonderful resource for career advice

 The Muse has become synonymous with career advice over the years. You can get coaching, take courses, and read countless articles on everything from work life balance to negotiating your salary. There job board also boasts some of the best internship opportunities around.  

Company Career Section

where to find the best internships
Search the career section of some of your favorite companies for the best internship opportunities

 Definitely the first place you'll want to check. Just about every company has a career section, and the best of them usually has an entire section dedicated to interns. Is there a company you admire and want to be a part of? Then head to there job section now! It might lead to permanent employment opportunity.

 Is there a job board you've had great success with? Tell us in the comments below.

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