Your GPA Does Matter Here's Why

your gpa does matter
Contrary to popular belief, your GPA does matter 

 So sometime ago news broke about Google's decision to no longer consider GPA in hiring. The story of course blew up. The news was like music to the ears of every stressed out college student. Suddenly stories were popping up everywhere that you should drop the books, that it's now okay to not take school work seriously. A revolution had occured,  your GPA doesn't matter, bad GPAs are now totally cool. Hold up, hit your brakes.  Before you start making bad decisions, like attending a frat party instead of studying for your midterms, the truth is your GPA does matter.  It still matters in hiring, grad school,  and can even have a great impact on your college experience. Here's why:

Companies Still Consider GPA When Hiring

your GPA does matter
Many companies still consider GPA when hiring

 Ok so Google may no longer consider your GPA, but many companies still do. Google isn't a representation of hiring requirements at every company. Companies are diverse. They differ by size, industry, and yes hiring practices. Google's decision to ignore GPA, doesn't mean that every company does or will. Many companies use GPA requirements to screen resumes. Some straight up mention in job listings that those with less than a 3.2 need not apply. Your failure to score a good GPA may even come up in your interview. You're way better off prepared and armed with a 3.0 or higher, than having to keep your fingers crossed after submitting your application.  

Internships Have Requirements Too

GPA does matter
Many internships have minimum GPA requirements for participation

Looking to get relevant work experience? An internship may be the answer. Many, however, are not aware that your GPA may play a role in landing the perfect one. Many companies look for star candidates to fill their internship programs, and it's not hard to see why. Many companies pay there interns top dollar, and some eventually go on to hire top performing interns as permanent employees. It's no wonder that potential interns at many companies are put through the same rigorous screening (including GPA)  as permanent employees.  

A Good GPA is Essential for Grad School

your GPA does matter, university
Top grad schools include GPA requirements for applicants

 So what if you don't have employment on the mind just yet? Maybe you're thinking about grad school before you rough it out with the rest of us. Sorry your GPA still matters. Many grad schools have GPA requirements. The top grad schools can have requirements as high as 3.5 or more. The more competitive and recognized the grad school, the higher the GPA requirement. I know, life is unfair.  

It Opens Many Doors

your GPA does matter
Popular honor societies have minimum GPA requirements for membership

 A good GPA can open doors to many things on campus. From scholarships, to honor societies, a good GPA can take you places. Looking for a scholarship to cover tuition? Many scholarship requirements include maintaining a high GPA. Thinking of joining Phi Beta Kappa, one of the most prestigious honor societies in the country? You'll need a high GPA (usually in the top 15%).  Want to graduate with honors? You'll need a high GPA for that too, usually above 3.5.  

It's a Good Indicator of Overall Quality

your GPA does matter
Good students get good grades

  Good students usually get good grades and bad students usually don't. Good students also usually make good workers. Think about it. Your GPA can reflect how good you are at time management, how hard working and dedicated you are to achieving your goals. These are not bad qualities for an employee to have. Grade point averages are one of the most reliable indicators of student quality, both academic and non-academic. Yes there is grade inflation, but even that can't prevent a lazy student from achieving a bad GPA.  

Good GPA= Bragging Rights

your GPA does matter
Having a good GPA gives you bragging rights

 Seriously. Don't you want to be the student that gets to put your GPA everywhere?  I'm talking your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn pages. You could even squeezed in your good GPA in interviews, random conversations, or on even a date. Ok maybe not a date or random conversations. But seriously. So as you can see your GPA matters way more than you realize. If you have a bad GPA, however, all hope is not lost. There is one thing that can trump a bad GPA, and that's relevant job experience. Loads of it. So you better start working. Like now. Otherwise it's as my good friend over at The Odyssey Online states your "GPA doesn't matter... in heaven."

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