The Best Business Ideas for College Students

best business ideas for college students
Time to get your side hustle on!

  With the cost of higher education increasing, and jobs no longer a guarantee, college students are increasingly looking to start their own business as means of securing much needed income. With the evolution of ecommerce, it's very easy to see why college students would look to the business world as a source of opportunity. Starting a business is now much easier than it was some 20 years ago, with decreased costs, and the chance to reach a much wider consumer base. Knowing where to start, however, is one of the biggest hurdles students will have to overcome. Here are some of the best college business ideas for students to get you started:


best business ideas for college students
A Tutoring company is one of the easiest businesses to start while in college.

  A tutoring company is one of the easiest businesses to start while in college. The start up costs are relatively low, and if you study on campus you have the advantage of having an already established market available. If tutoring on campus simply isn't your thing, then sign up for an online service. Udemy is a tutoring marketplace with over 5 million students looking to learn everything from Android app development, to the art of public speaking. Just in case you're need of a little inspiration, Nick Walter for example, made $66,000 a month tutoring on this site.   

Start an Internet Marketing Consulting Company

best business ideas for college students
As more and more people look to the internet to earn an income, they will eventually need advice

  According to Technorati, a new blog is created every half a second. The Daily Mail notes that there are 571 new websites created every minute. Every new website, blog, and online business provides you with the opportunity to offer advice on everything from marketing on social media to the best ways to get repeat visitors on a website. If you are an expert in this field, now is the best time to capitalize on this growing demand, and start a consulting business.

Start a T-Shirt Line

business ideas for college students
T-shirts have evolved to become more than an article of clothing to now being a means of expression

is one of the top items that generally sell well online. T-shirts have become extremely popular lately because they are now seen as a means of expression. If you're good at coming up with catchy phrases, or a pro at creating eye cathcing graphics, this is one of the best areas to put your skills to use.

Sell Books Online

business ideas for college students
Books still remain a top seller online

  Books like apparel sell very well online, and the demand shows no sign of slowing down just yet. Used college books in particular are big business, since new textbooks often run in the high hundreds. You can make money by providing a martketplace for your classmates to sell their old textbooks, or buy it from them yourself and sell for profit.

Sell Handmade

college business ideas
People now crave unique items as proven  by the success of Etsy
  The handmade market has really exploded in the last couple of years, thanks to companies like Etsy, and changing consumer tastes. Consumers now crave items that are unique, and make them standout from the pack, and the best part is you won't have to worry about competing with local stores since consumers won't be able to find your items anywhere else. So if you have a great idea for a line of wedding accessories jump on it!

Start a Cleaning Company

college business ideas
People and Businesses are always in need of cleaning services
  One of the best low budget businesses for college students to start is a cleaning company. Cleaning services are in demand by both businesses and personal households, and if you'd like you can even work exclusively on your college campus. The Student Maid is the perfect example of how succesful you can become running your own cleaning company.

Start an Electronics Repair Business

best business ideas for college students
As the use of various types of electronics increase, so will the demand for repair and maintenance services

  Sales of consumer electronics have skyrockted in the last decade. The Consumer Electronics Association expects sales to reach $214 billion for the yea 2015. As the use of various types of electronics increases, so will the demand for repair and maintenance services. You can have a physical location, or become a door to door repair person, or one up the competition by offering both services.  

Are there any other ideas that should be added to the list? Tell us in the comment section below.
 business ideas for college students

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