How to Properly Balance Work and School

balance work and school
Finding the right balance between work and school doesn't have to be hard

Let's face it, with the cost of tuition being the highest it has ever been, some of us may find ourselves holding down a job or two just to survive. Add to that the decades of experience some companies demand job candidates have for entry level positions, a  college job becomes a necessary step in your career. Balancing work and school can be quite stressful, especially if you're trying to rock your grades while earning employee of the month. Here are some easy to apply tips to reduce stress and balance your responsibilities.


Find the Right Balance

balance work and school
Time management is key

As with everything else, time management is key, and you need to be realistic about what you can do in a 24 hour day. College advisors often caution against working full time and going to school full time. Why? It's a headache, and you'll barely have time to do much of anything else. If you plan to go to school full time, don't work for more 20 hours a week. Where as if you work full time , try not to take more than 2 classes a semester.

Plan and Prioritize

balance work and school
Be aware of your responsibilities and prioritize

To properly balance work and school, you'll have to plan and prioritize. Take time out before the start of the week to look at both your work and class schedule. This is very important since you can't exactly plan, if you have no idea what you're planning for. Having a planner helps a great deal. Take the time to plan assignments, review sessions, and events at work that may spill over into your free time. This way you won't be caught off guard or find yourself hurriedly completing assignments at the last minute.

Keep Employers Informed

balance work and school
Let employers know your status as a student

Let employers know your status as a student, and the demands it may have on your time. Many employers understand the importance of school, and many are more than willing to work with you to avoid scheduling conflicts. Your life will be much easier working with your employer to find a balance, than not keeping them in the loop.

Make Sacrifices

balance work and school
When it comes to balancing work and school, something has to give.

This is probably the one you didn't want to hear, but yes you'll have to make sacrifices. There is only so much time in a day, and if you want to be both a star student and a star employee, you may have to sacrifice time in other areas. So yes, finding the right balance may mean skipping Taco Tuesday, or that Friday Football game. Don't worry it will all pay off in the long run.

Are you a college student that also works? Do you have any tips for balancing work and school? We'd love to know. Tell us in the comments below.

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