Back to College Essentials for a Successful Semester

Back to College Essentials for a Successful Semester
The Back To College Essentials You're Going to Need

The Fall semester is finally here, and it's time to switch out our sunglasses and pool floats for textbooks and backpacks. Being that this is my senior year I'm looking to rock this year and leave with a bang. By this I mean I am looking to have my best academic year yet. Achieving this is going to require some hard work, late nights, and a few college essentials to keep me organized and stress free.

Shopping for my college essentials, and restocking throughout the year has always been a breeze for me. As an Amazon Prime Student subscriber, my college supplies are always a click away. I can easily browse through Amazon's broad collection of college essentials, order, and in just 2 days they are at my doorstep. Check out the back to college essentials I grabbed this year, and see how you too can have successful semester.

An Academic Planner


Back to College Essentials for a Successful Semester
An Academic Planner helps me to keep up with exams, and assignments

The key to a successful semester starts with getting organized and staying organized. Keeping track of multiple assignments for multiple classes, as well as extra curricular activities and events is not easy. My Bloom Daily Academic Planner helps me to stay on top of assignments, exams, and my other responsibilities.

It's dated from August 2016 to June 2017, so I can use it throughout the school year. I use my planner along with my syllabus to make note of due dates, office hours, and even expectations for my assignments. I can then refer to my planner when necessary, as opposed to searching through piles and piles of papers. It comes in very handy and every college student should own one.

The Right Stationery

Back to College Essentials for a Successful Semester
The right stationery includes pencils, sticky notes and file folders.

Okay so some of you are probably thinking "duh, of course you're going to need stationery for college", but you'd be surprised at how many people show up with all the essentials for their dorm room and none of the essential stationery.

You're going to need HB2 pencils for exams, as well as for making notes. Sticky notes, are a great study aid. I usually make note of points I'm most likely to forget, and stick it on my wall or desk. Thanks to sticky notes I can always review my class work, sometimes without even realizing it.

File folders help me to keep all my completed assignments in one central location and organized by class and due dates. You'd be shocked at the headaches I've saved myself just by stocking up on these items.

A Tablet

Back to College Essentials for a Successful Semester
Use a tablet for all your textbooks

I used to be the girl on campus struggling to get to class with the huge back pack filled with textbooks. Thankfully that girl is no more, and I have now updated my look with a tablet. Getting a tablet is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I have the Amazon Fire Tablet and it has literally replaced over 4 textbooks (many of my textbooks are in eBook format). I also use it with my handy keyboard, to take notes, browse the internet, and keep myself entertained.


Amazon Prime Student 


My school year would not have had such a smooth start had it not been for Amazon Prime Student. I was able to shop for all my school supplies without having to contend with the crowds at the mall, or at my campus bookstore. With Amazon Prime Student I was able to get all my items, at a great low price, shipped right to my door in just two days. Restocking on my college necessities is also that easy.

Aside from the thousands of deals on college supplies, I love just how much my Amazon Prime Student subscription appeals to my lifestyle. After spending hours writing a paper I can just sit back,  and de-stress by catching up on my favorite TV shows and movies, which I can access through my Android phone and Fire tablet, for free! I have watched Interstellar so many times I can practically recite the lines.

You can sign up for Amazon Prime Student now and you will receive exclusive college deals, savings on textbooks, access to thousand of movies and TV shows, and to over a million songs, all free for six months. Yes that's right you'll get an entire semester and then some for free! After that you pay just $49 a year, which is half the price of a regular Amazon Prime membership. To see how you can sign up visit: http://clvr.li/2b0l5oR

So apart from Amazon Prime Student, what else are you planning on getting to rock this semester?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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