10 Steps to a Productive Morning

10 Steps to a Productive Morning
A wonderful productive day, usually starts with a wonderful productive morning

It's already Monday and if you're like everyone else you're already dreaming about the weekend. Having a productive morning can help you to brush off the Monday blues, and make the week more bearable. It is a great feeling when you're able to retire to bed at night knowing that you got everything done. That feeling can actually help you to stop living for weekends, and actually look forward to the week ahead. Here are 10 steps to follow for a more productive morning.

1.Set a consistent time to get out of bed.
2. Open the blinds/curtains to let light in.
3. Clean your room, spread your bed, and ensure your surroundings are in order.
4. Drink a glass of water and lemon.

10 Steps to a Productive Morning

5. Exercise for at least 30 minutes to gain energy.
6. Take a shower to rid the drowsiness from your body.
7. Drink black tea to get a healthy anti-oxidant rich energy boost.

10 Steps to a Productive Morning

8. Have a protein rich breakfast.
9. Make  list of all that you have to get done throughout the day.
10. Since mornings are usually the most productive time of the day, tackle harder chores first!

Now that the summer holiday has begun (or for some of you, is around the corner), now is the best time to start a productive morning routine. What is your productive morning routine like? Tell us in the comments below!
10 Steps to a Productive Morning


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