Anti-Aging Tips for Your 20s

Anti-Aging Tips for Your 20s

There are a lot of things that everyone in their 20s usually worry about. Anti-aging, however, is usually not one of them. When it comes with creating an anti-aging beauty routine, your 20s are the perfect time to start because you will be concentrating mostly on preventing fine lines and wrinkles, not removing them. An anti-aging beauty routine in your 20s will also include developing good lifestyle habits that will keep your skin looking radiant and youthful. Here are some great tips to use to jump start your anti-aging beauty routine.

Use Sunscreen/ Limit Time in the Sun

Anti-Aging Tips for Your 20s
Too much time in the sun can cause premature wrinkles

While having tan skin is a huge trend right now, a good anti-aging routine usually starts with limiting your time in the sun. Why? Well apart from being a good source of vitamin D, the sun also ages the skin and can cause premature wrinkles. If like me you live in an area that almost always sunny (Florida), you should use sunscreen whenever you head out. Many makeup products like BB creams include sun protection. If you're not a fan of BB creams, you can wear sunscreen under your makeup for added protection.

Always Moisturize

Anti-Aging Tips for Your 20s
Moisturizing is very important in your 20s to replace moisture your skin loses as you age

Skin that is dry tends to not only flake, but also wrinkle, and the appearance of wrinkles as you age is partly caused by the skin becoming drier. Moisturizing helps to replace lost moisture and keep skin wrinkle free. Always moisturize after you cleanse and tone, and do so multiple times a day. For dry skin a creamy moisturizer will usually get the job done. For oily/ acne prone skin types, lotions and gel moisturizers work like a charm. Oils like Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil and ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid are great options for women in their 20s. Also don't forget to include a good eye cream to prevent crows feet.

Limit Bad Lifestyle Habits


Anti-Aging Tips for Your 20s
Limit drinking and smoking to maintain youthful looking skin
 It's pretty much established fact that your 20s are made for partying and living it up. Bad lifestyle habits such as excess drinking and smoking, however, are a big no no for preventing premature aging of the skin. For one thing alcohol actually dehydrates the body, so too much alcohol consumption can result in dry skin. Smoking causes yellowing of the teeth, and since it disrupts oxygen flows it also causes wrinkles, both of which make you appear older. Keeping these bad lifestyle habits to a minimum, will result in younger looking skin in the long run.



Anti-Aging Tips for Your 20s
Exercising helps oxygen flow to the skin
As mentioned before lower oxygen levels in the body can cause premature aging. Exercise is great because it helps oxygen to flow throughout the body. A good fitness routine doesn't have to be time consuming or strenuous. A half hour walk daily can be extremely beneficial to the body, and you'll be surprised at how fast and easy it is to complete 6000 steps.

Eat Less Meat

Anti-Aging Tips for Your 20s
Meat ages you. reduce intake of meat and eat more plant based foods

My carnivorous friends are not going to like this one but it's true, meat ages you. Consuming a meat based diet can actually speed up the aging process, making you look older than your actual age. While a vegan diet is not easily achievable for everyone, you can start by slowly limiting meat consumption and eating more plant based foods instead. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest that will show you how to make delicious meals from just fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans.

Get Loads of Sleep 


Anti-Aging Tips for Your 20s
Sleeping is a time of renewal for your skin
Sleeping isn't just a great energy boost, many of the body's repairs take place while you sleep. Sleeping is a time for the body to renew, and get to work creating things like collagen, which you may know is a big part of keeping skin youthful. A lack of sleep disrupts these processes, and will be detrimental to your skin in the long run. Between college and getting started in your careers, it may seem impossible to get enough sleep in your 20s. Setting a schedule that ensures you receive at least 7 hours of sleep will prove extremely helpful.

Do you have any other anti-aging tip for your 20s? Tell us in the comments below!

Anti-Aging Tips for Your 20s

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