3 Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing a College

3 Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing a College
3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a College

Choosing the right college can be difficult for some and super easy for others. There are so many things to consider like costs, grades, and location, experience, and for some of us the strength of the Greek culture. Listing the characteristics of your ideal college, knowing your career, and personality will help you to a great extent. There are many career and personality tests such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, that will help you to achieve this goal. Many online publications also offer insight into the campus culture of many colleges so you can make a more informed choice. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when choosing a college.

1. What do they offer for your career?


3 Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing a College
Colleges differ based on the strength of their academic programs


While the common belief is that college overall is a good career move, not all colleges offer the same thing. Colleges vary based on majors and levels of education offered for specific fields. Colleges also differ based on reputation, and some colleges over the years have become well known for providing excellent training for specific programs. Based on your career choice, it may help to get an additional boost in your career by attending a college that is regarded as top class for your major. I found the College Match tool provided by College Data extremely helpful. It helps you to find a college based on the strength of the specific academic programs they provide.

2. How much does it cost?


3 Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing a College
College should be treated like the financial investment it is


If this isn't one of the most vital questions to research, then I don't know what is. The student debt rate is currently out of control, and shows no signs of slowing down. Many people forget to treat college like the financial investment it is, so costs should factor into your choice. Calculating the costs is extremely crucial so you can see how much you need for scholarships and financial aid. Also, this allows you to estimate how much you need for food, gas, and housing. It is important to put money aside for college and start a spending account. This will help you to not worry about your living costs while in college.

3. Where is it located?

3 Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing a College
Location affects campus culture, and cost of living

The location of the college can determine so much like what kind of activities is available and the campus culture. Your location also affects costs, since tuition and cost of living often varies by state and region.  Also do you prefer to continue living with the 'rents? Then it makes sense to choose a college that is closer to home, than one that is further away. Chances are you won't be spending all your time on campus, so it is important to consider the surrounding area when choosing a college.

Keeping these three tips in mind will give you an advantage when preparing for college and help to prevent slip ups. Talking to your guidance counselors and researching online will give you an idea of what to expect, and keep you from coming up on surprises.

3 Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing a College

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