Make A Positive Impact with Teach For America

Make A Positive Impact with Teach For America
What does "Teach and Be Taught" mean to you?

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If you had asked me five years ago what I wanted from a career, I would've given you a very superficial answer. For me, transitioning from college life to the career world was just another trivial step on a path that society has already laid out for me. It was not until I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Junior Achievement of South Florida that I realized the importance of having a career that makes a positive impact.

There I taught middle school students how to make important financial decisions such as choosing a mortgage, opening a bank account, managing an income, and how best to deal with unexpected financial changes. Seeing their eagerness to learn these critical life lessons, showed me just how important teachers are to the development of our nation's children. It was a mutually beneficial experience because, not only did they leave more prepared for their lives ahead, I left feeling content and fulfilled having made an impact. It is truly an experience that really gives you opportunity to learn about yourself. This experience made me fall in love with teaching and it opened my eyes to the many roles teachers' play in the lives of our country's children.

Teach and Be Taught


That is what it means to me to "teach and be taught." It is doing work for our community that is fulfilling, while teaching children and guiding them on a path towards success. Teach For America is doing just this, by providing college students the chance to make a positive impact on their communities after graduation. They are an inspirational organization that works to ensure that our children receive an excellent education, full of opportunities no matter their zip code. Teach For America finds and trains leaders like you, to become teachers in 52 regions across the country. You will be exposed to lifelong learning, since teachers receive ongoing training and development. It is a two year commitment with a lifetime reward for children who need educators like you and me to look up to.

Make A Positive Impact with Teach For America

It is an experience that will stay with you forever, and you'll have the chance to be among former participants who go on to prestigious roles in their communities, where they continue to support issues important to our nation's children. I, like many of my fellow college students, often think that due to our majors, it may be too late to consider teaching. That is simply not true, and Teach For America is the perfect example of that. They accept all majors, all career backgrounds, so it's never too late to consider teaching.

As millennials we often speak of the need to do good and to become beacons of change. We often pride ourselves on being the generation that expects organizations to support ethical causes. Becoming a teacher with Teach For America is a commitment to the values we take pride in. It shows that we are a generation that is capable of action and not just talk.

If you'd like to learn more about teaching and why teach with Teach For America , you can watch this very informative video below. If you have any questions feel free to comment below!

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