5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Dorm Room

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Dorm Room
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Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone is having off to a good start. Spring is fast approaching (Hooray!), and for some of us that means no more snow, while for others it means spring cleaning. Getting your dorm room organized can be a little tricky, and in my experience if you're not careful you can end up creating more clutter. After some trial and error I have learned some neat tricks to keep my room organized and neat. Read on for 5 easy ways to clear the clutter, and organize your dorm room this coming spring.

Decorative File Folders


5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Dorm Room
Decorative File Folders from amazon.com

One of the many things that seem to pile up for us college students is paper. I am almost always printing something, whether it's a syllabus or pages upon pages of supplemental readings. By the mid-semester, my room is overtaken by handouts, and prints I am not going to need once the semester ends. File folders are a great way to clear the clutter, and organize your papers so they are much easier to find. You can organize your papers by assignment due dates or by course, and the cute designs will add an extra touch of glam to your dorm room. You can find these cute file folders at Target, and Walmart.

Decorative Boxes

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Dorm Room
Decorative boxes for all your stationary. Image source: joann.com

Aside from papers, students are almost always collecting pens, pencils, and other stationery items. For those of us who may not have desk space, a great way to de-clutter is store them in boxes. Decorative boxes are perfect for small dorms because you can pretty much put it on a shelf or under your bed when not in use. Also like I mentioned above they add a touch of glam to basically any area. My favorite place to shop decorative boxes are Michael's and Joann Fabrics. They can also be found at Tj Maxx, though they tend not to have a constant inventory.

Storage Box Seats

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Dorm Room
Storage Box Seats are multi-functional. Image source: containerstore.com

Storage box seats are the answer to many a college student's prayers. I love them because they are multi-functional way to store books, papers, and just about anything that can fit inside. They also double as a seat which is a great way to organize your dorm room, and adding furniture without taking up too much space. You can find storage box seats are Target, The Container Store and Ross.

Locking Shelves

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Dorm Room
Locking shelves create space in a cramped dorm room, and make the perfect dividers for your closet. Image source: target.com
Locking shelves like the one pictured above, are great for creating extra storage in a cramp space. They basically allow you to create shelf space just about anywhere in your dorm room. Locking shelves can also be used as shelf dividers in your closet which is perfect for storing multiple items. They also do a good job making your area appear neat and tidy. I use them on my bedside table, desk, and like pictured above I use the top surface to store makeup and other items. You can find locking shelves like the one pictured above at target.com.

Makeup Organizers

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Dorm Room
Makeup organizers to neatly store your makeup. Image source: containerstore.com

I am a self professed makeup addict, and I am always on the look out for new products to add to my collection. Owning a lot of makeup can be messy, especially when you don't have a vanity or a large dresser to store everything. Makeup organizers are a neat option for storing eye shadows, lipsticks, makeup brushes and eye liners all in one place. They are even organizers that include spaces for nail polishes. Makeup organizers can also be displayed in creative ways.  Some organizers come with adhesives, and can be stuck onto walls, which is especially good if you don't have a surface to place it on. You can find affordable makeup organizers on Amazon.com, at Ross, The Container Store, and Tj Maxx.

Do you have any other ideas for organizing your dorm room? Tell us in the comments below, we'd love to know!

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Dorm Room



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