3 Exam Tips That May Save Your Grade

3 Exam Tips That May Save Your Grade

So it's finals season once again, and if you're like me your days are probably being spent in a quite corner somewhere studying for hours at a time. It's probably well known by now that the best way to ace your classes, is to begin studying way ahead of the exam date. Also it is well known that things like getting enough sleep, and staying relaxed during your exam can greatly improve your performance. There are, however, other things that can be done during the exam to increase your chances of getting a better grade.  I have used all of these techniques with success, and have had great feedback from my peers regarding the usefulness of these tips. Here are 3 things you can do during your exam that may save your grade.

Write What You're Most Likely to Forget


3 Exam Tips That May Save Your Grade
Once the exam has started make note of the things you're most likely to forget.


You can probably all relate to there always being that one topic, that no matter how many times you review, it just doesn't seem to stick. That one topic is also almost always guaranteed to show up on the final exam (of course). One way I have overcome this is, once the exam has begun, I write down the important points I know I had trouble remembering while studying. Things like the names of researchers you may need to reference, quotes, or even formulas. As I mentioned before, this should be done during the exam, since if done before you can be accused of cheating. This technique has proven useful in just about every course I have ever taken.

For Essays, Make Use of Outlines


3 Exam Tips That May Save Your Grade
Outlines help you to quickly decide how to layout your essay


This is very useful for courses that are heavily focused on theories, and exams that are mainly centered on essay writing. Making an outline of the points to be discussed before you start writing, guides your essay as well as makes it easier for you to get your argument across. Considering that it will be during your exam, the outline does not have to be complex, but it should help you to structure your essay, and layout your key points.

Change Your Strategy Depending on the Type of Questions

3 Exam Tips That May Save Your Grade
Different questions usually require a different approach

After having taken countless exams over the years, I have learned that it helps to switch up my approach depending on the type of question I am asked. Almost every type of question, whether multiple choice or short answer can be mastered using the right technique. For example, when analyzing an excerpt, always read the questions first before you read the excerpt. This causes you to read the excerpt knowing exactly what information you're looking for, and saves time since you won't go back and forth between the question and the excerpt looking for the answer. For other types of questions, like multiple choice, the process of elimination is usually very helpful. Also try to answer the questions first before looking at the answer choices, that way you'll be sure of the correct answer once you actually read the options. Also keep an eye out for questions that provide useful hints that can be used to answer other questions.

Are there any other exam tips that have helped you to ace your courses?  Tell me in the comments below!

3 Exam Tips That May Save Your Grade

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