A College Girl's Guide to Virtual Internships

A College Girl's Guide to Virtual Internships
A college girl's guide to virtual internships

Now that I'm finally heading into my senior year, I was advised to start looking for internships to gain some relevant job experience. As a business major I thought this would be easy, I mean I have read countless articles about business majors being in demand, turns out it's not. Where I live (South Florida), most of the jobs are centered around health care or sales, and there weren't many internships available in the field I was interested in. Thankfully, I recently discovered the answer to my problems, virtual internships. I was able to find internships from all over the country, that can be done from the comfort of my own home. Here is my guide on all you need to know about virtual internships.

What are Virtual Internships?


Virtual internships as the name suggests, are internships where all or majority of the work can be done remotely. In some cases I have found internships that require you to visit the office once a week, or during the initial training period, while in other cases the internship can be done 100% from home. Virtual internships, like other internships can be either paid or unpaid.

Where Can I Find Virtual Internships?


A College Girl's Guide to Virtual Internships
The best resource for virtual internships is internship.com

I have found virtual internships on company websites, mostly tech companies, and on looksharp.com which is run by Intern Match. The best resource I have found, however, is internships.com. In the area of business alone, they have over 5000 virtual internships listed in areas ranging from Business Development to Social Media Marketing. I have also seen internships related to Public Relations and Computer Science.

Who are Virtual Internships For? 


Basically anyone, but some students may find more value in doing a virtual internship than others. Particularly students like me who find that internships in their area are limited, but aren't quite ready to jump on a plane to another city. Also if you lack reliable transportation, especially if you live on campus, you may find it easier to do a virtual internship.

Things to Note


Do Your Research


As a virtual intern you're going to be doing majority of your responsibilities from home. You're going to need to be disciplined enough to complete required assignments by a certain deadline. You're therefore going to want to work in area where you're passionate about the work. That's why it is important that you research the company you're seeking an internship with, so you can see if the company is aligned with your interests. Also chances are you will be asked about the company in the interview, so it's best to be prepared.

Master Electronic Communications 


Since it's a virtual internship majority of your communications including your interview, will not be face to face. Initial communications usually take place via email, so you're going to want to ensure that you master the art of written communication. Phone interviews are also likely so it's important to know how to make a great impression over the phone. Also familiarize yourself with Skype and Google Hangouts.

Isn't technology grand?! I just love that nothing is out of reach for us college students. Do you have any experience regarding virtual internships? Or would you like to know more about them? Feel free to comment below.

A College Girl's Guide to Virtual Internships

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