3 Websites Every College Student Should Know

3 Websites Every College Student Should Know
3 websites every college student should know

Despite popular belief you don't learn everything you need to know at college. There are times when you are going to need to look beyond your professor and your textbook, to get help with things like time management and the art of decision making. One of the best things about going to college in this tech heavy world, is the breadth of resources made available to us via the internet. These 3 websites are a must read for college students, and may even prove to be useful after graduation. Check them out!


3 Websites Every College Student Should Know
theSkimm is an amazing resource for staying up to date on world affairs
Image source: theSkimm.com

theSkimm is an amazing resource for those who are looking to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings around the world. It does an amazing job of summarizing top news events, making it easier to read, and allowing you to do as the name suggests, skim. You can even choose to have the latest world affairs sent to you via email, which is perfect since you're always on your phone anyway. theSkimm is ideal for anyone who needs to stay current on world affairs, but often do not have the time to read lengthy articles.

My Tomatoes

3 Websites Every College Student Should Know
My Tomatoes is a great tool for staying focused throughout the day
Image source: mytomatoes.com

My Tomatoes should be every procrastinators holy grail. The site uses what is called the Pomodoro Technique  by Francesco Cirillo to get you to better manage your time and complete tasks. It guides you on breaking up projects into smaller tasks to be completed in 25 minutes. Once tasks are completed you take a break (usually about 5 minutes), before beginning the next task in the sequence. It's great for staying focused, and helps you to prioritize on days when you may feel overwhelmed with all that needs to be done.

The Harvard Business Review

3 Websites Every College Student Should Know
Harvard Business Review is one of the top professional resources
Image source: hbr.org

The Harvard Business Review is one of the most popular professionl resources around. As college students we are often not taught how to develop critical skills like decision making, or how to be an effective leader. This is where Harvard Business Review comes in, it provides real world advice on everything from public speaking to navigating the trials and tribulations of the workplace. You get 15 free articles every month, and your own library to keep articles organized for easier reference. If you prefer, you have the option of subscribing to the monthly magazine, or purchasing ebooks with detailed studies on a wide range of topics. It's an amazing resource for those making the transition from college to job, and is especially useful for business majors.

Are there any other websites that would be useful for college students? Tell us in the comments below, our readers would love to know!

3 Websites Every College Student Should Know

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