4 Tips for Dressing Business Casual

4 Tips for Dressing Business Casual
Check out these 4 easy ways to rock the business casual attire
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One of the many things you will have to get accustomed to as a working girl, is how to ace the business casual dress code. This is true even outside of the working world, as recently I had to do a presentation in my Business Communications course, and one of the requirements was to dress business casual. Your attire says a lot about you and it is one of the many things you can be expected to be judged on. You will therefore want to ensure that even when you are "dressed down" you are still dressed appropriately and are still presenting yourself as the ideal professional. Here are my top 5 tips for dressing business casual.

Dark Fitted Jeans

tips for dressing business casual
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First rule of thumb when it comes to jeans is to always double check with management if jeans are allowed. Some places may be completely cool with it, others may find jeans just too casual for the workplace. If you are allowed to wear jeans,  it's usually safe to go for dark fitted jeans. If you prefer to wear something light, try khaki jeans. Dark jeans are a safe bet because they tend to more closely resemble dress pants. They also tend to pair more nicely with safe colors such as black and white. Boot cut jeans are amazing because they cover your shoes in a similar fashion as dress pants. Avoid jeans that are tight, bleached, or ripped because they are likely to be considered inappropriate.

Embrace Layers

tips for dressing business casual
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Layers are an amazing way to either dress up  or dress down pretty much any piece, and it's a great way to finally make use of that top you wouldn't wear alone. Vests, for example, are perfect for days when you want to skip the blazer, and can help you to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. Try to avoid pairing your vest with a sleevless blouse, instead try pairing them with a long sleeve blouse. Other options for layering include layering a sweater over a shirt. Layering also gives you the opportunity to pair contrasting colors like black and white. So layer up!

Flat, Closed Toe Shoes

tips for dressing business casual
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Business casual attire can include more than just your clothes. Your shoes can do a lot to transform your wardrobe from business formal to business casual. Instead of wearing those pumps that always leave your feet achy by the end of the day, try opting for flats. Closed toe flats still cover your feet while giving you a more relaxed office look. Closed toe flats are a safe choice, however, if you prefer to go open toe, always ensure that your heels are covered.

Ditch the Blazer, Grab the Cardigan

tips for dressing business casual
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Blazers have become an office staple for both men and women, and are basically the highest level of business formal wear. If you want to tone things down a tad, try ditching your blazer and wearing a cardigan instead. Cardigans are great for staying warm in a cold office, and tend to be more relaxed and comfy. They can also be incoporated into your outfit in a similar way as your blazer. Cardigans like blazers are also very versatile, and can be layered with a shirt much like a sweater can.

So do you have any additional tips for dressing business casual? Tell us in the comments below.

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