How to Succeed in Math

How to succeed in Math

Many people believe that they need the brain of Albert Einstein to succeed in Math. When the word Math comes up in any conversation, it is usually met with disgust, sighs, and bad memories of interaction with numbers. Just ask anyone you know to say the first thing that comes to mind when they hear "Math", and in most cases you'll hear "hard", "worst subject ever", "who ideas was it to include letters", "I kind of understood it before the letters". The truth is Math can be just as fun, and as easy as any other subject and anyone can succeed in Math without any special skill set. Here are four easy tips to ensure you ace the next quiz.

1. How to Succeed in Math: Remove all mental blocks

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to tell yourself you can't. Most people I have interacted with usually tell me they hate Math because it is hard. Well, usually when you ask them what makes it hard, they usually name something like Calculus, which they've never done, or they say its because the people they have spoken to told them it is hard. Well that's not a good approach to anything, and you'll only be setting yourself up for self sabotage. Approach everything you learn with a clear mind don't mentally set yourself up for failure. Like everything else, a positive attitude is necessary to succeed in Math.

How to succeed in Math
Many people self sabotage themself by constantly saying "Math is hard"

2. How to Succeed in Math: Don't over think it

Hey I'm not going to lie, Math is a lot to learn. One topic in Math can cover many different subtopics. So why unnecessarily complicate things by jumping ahead? Over thinking is not synonymous with not thinking at all, what it means is that if the tutor introduces simple fractions don't overload your mind by wondering what happens if you include a whole number. Allow him/her to introduce it in due time. There is a reason why the school curricula mandate that many topics should be taught over an extended period. They understand that you're not going to grasp the entire file of algebra in a single session. Think about it, Pythagoras didn't suddenly come up with his theorem while at the local steam bath, so don't feel defeated if you didn't get it after one session. Take things in strides, take time to understand the foundation, work on it, envision it, then you'll see the entire building is a breeze.

3. How to Succeed in Math: Practice practice practice

Have you ever scored an A on a test you didn't study for? OK so maybe that one time you were lucky, or maybe World History is just your thing, but when it comes to Math "practice makes perfect". In Math, if you want to succeed then you should expect to work for it. The good thing is it doesn't require as much work as you think to succeed in Math. Just a half an hour to an hour a day can ensure that you'll ace that final. The great thing about Math is most of the work was already done for you. Someone else already figured out how you can find the length of the third side of the triangle, someone already went through the hard part of coming up with all those formulas, its just up to you to figure out what goes where,  and how to manipulate it. Honestly I don't think it gets any easier than that.

How to succeed in Math
Not everyone learns the same way, so search for a teaching method that workd for you.

4. How to Succeed in Math: Supplement Your Learning

Often times the reason for not achieving success in Math lies in the method of tutoring you're receiving. It's a well known fact that not everyone learns the same. Some people may need visual stimulations before they truly grasp a concept. With that being said consider extra lessons with a tutor whos teaching style best suit your needs. Khan Academy is an amazing site for learning Math, as the concepts are often explained using real world scenarios that you can relate to. The service is free and you can download the app, so you can learn from just about anywhere.

Are there any other tips you'd like to add? Feel free to comment below.

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