Best Online Math Resources

The Best Online Math Resources

Mathematics is often viewed by many students as the Anti-Christ, and is without a doubt considered one of the hardest subjects in college. Like English Language, Math is seen as extremely necessary for educational development, which means that regardless of your major or how hard you try, there is simply no way of escaping it. As much as you may hate it, some form of Math will therefore be listed as a requirement for your degree, which means that learning to master the subject is your best option. College students, however, often feel overwhelmed by the breadth of information they have to internalize in one session. Additional work outside of class is generally needed to truly grasp the topic at hand. Luckily for us we live in the age of the internet where information is readily available from the comfort of our own homes. Here are my personal recommendations for the Best Math Resources, all of which are websites that I have used:

Best Online Math Resources: khanacademy.org

Started by Harvard and MIT graduate Salman Khan (not the Bollywood Actor), Khan Academy is a free educational resource that according to Michael Noer in his article on Forbes, "One Man, One Computer...Education" is frequented by over 10 million students worldwide. Khan Academy is the top choice for many who look for free top quality teaching on a wide variety of subjects including Math. Adored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Google, Khan Academy is a must see for anyone looking to improve their Math abilities. The website provides help with a wide variety of topics including but not limited to Algebra, Calculus and Geometry through the use of real life, relatable examples using methods such as videos. Khan Academy is best used for those who need additional teaching to understand a topic they may not have grasped initially. Other resources include a forum where you are free to ask questions, or participate in discussions, and a worksheet to test your progress. Registration to the site is simple, and can be done through your Facebook or Google account.

The Best Online Math Resources

Best Online Math Resources: Mathway.com

Math Way features one of the best free online calculators available online to students of all levels. The website offers help with most levels of Algebra ,Calculus, and Trigonometry, making it quick and easy to complete those tedious Math problems . You can even find help with Graphing, an area which annoys many . This website is perfect as a supplement to what you've already learnt or  in times when you're in need of an advanced calculator. The website also gives you the option of creating free practice worksheets, and also has  mobile app (Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Amazon App Store for Android) perfect for days when you may be away from your PC. Students also have the option of signing up for an account, and upgrading their account to have access to step by step explanations, saving your progress, and syncing content across all devices.

Best Online Math Resources: Meta-calculator.com

Another great online Math calculator, Meta-calculator offers the ability to solve some of your most complex Math problems on topics that include Algebra and Calculus, and even helps with plotting some of the most complex graphs. The site offers a wide variety of calculators ranging from a graphing calculator, a scientific calculator to even a programmers calculator. It even offers an app on the Apple App Store so you can take the functionality of the Meta Calculator with you, wherever you go. Meta-calculator is perfect for those who do not own an advanced  calculator, or are taking multiple Math courses at the same time and simply need one resource for their problems.

If you know of any other online math resources that would be helpful, feel free to share by commenting below.

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