How to Stop Procrastinating

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How to Stop Procrastinating
Procrastinating can be stressful and result in lower quality work


For many of us, procrastinating has become a normal way of life. The thought of starting anything days in advance, just doesn’t seem like a practical option. It may have even become something we brag about, and wear with a badge of honor. For others, however, it’s a bad habit that only adds to the stress of all the other things we have going on. It causes us to rush things, miss key details, and can result in lower quality results than you’re capable of producing. Those who would like to break this bad habit will be happy to know that there are small things you can do to be more organized, and get started on your projects early. Here are 4 tips and tricks that will help you to stop procrastinating.

Make A List


How to Stop Procrastinating
Making a list will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and less likely to procrastinate


Make a list which includes what has to be done and by when. Feel free to get a planner, or use an app to help you with this process. Making a list helps to keep you organized and aware of what needs to be done. It also helps to ensure you do not become overwhelmed with all that needs to get done.

Speaking for myself, one of the main reasons I procrastinate is because I have a lot to do, and no idea where to start. This causes me to keep putting off tasks until the last minute. Bringing order to your projects will help you to get started earlier.

Make A Plan


How to Stop Procrastinating
Plan your approach to completing tasks by setting deadlines and prioritizing


Another great way to stay on point with all your tasks is to make a plan. Planning includes prioritizing tasks, and setting your own deadlines (one that is earlier than the real one). Plan which tasks to complete first, and how exactly to approach it. You can order tasks by complexity, and complete harder tasks first. By getting complex tasks out of the way, you can be assured that you will complete all that needs to get done.

You can also set personal deadlines that are ahead of the real deadlines you’re working with. This will help you to start earlier, and relieve a lot of the stress associated with your project. It will also give you some wiggle room, just in case something unexpected happens.


Simplify Projects


How to Stop Procrastinating
Projects will seem simpler when broken down into small tasks


You can simplify projects by breaking them up into smaller portions, and aim to complete that portion by a certain time. One of my favorite tools to help with this is My Tomatoes. My Tomatoes uses the Pomodoro Technique, which assists with dividing projects into smaller tasks and sets a timer for completion. Completing smaller portions at a time is not only easier, but the small successes pushes you to stay on track with your goals.


Reward Yourself


How to Stop Procrastinating
Rewarding yourself is a form of positive reinforcement that will encourage you to act responsibly


A great way to ensure you develop a habit of completing tasks ahead of time is to reward yourself. It’s a form of positive reinforcement that will encourage you to stop procrastinating. Acknowledge successes regardless of how small they are. Reward yourself by taking breaks, eating a favorite snack, or planning an outing. When you associate good things with acting responsibly, you’ll be more likely to do so in the future.

Thanks to these tips I now procrastinate a lot less than I used to. Do you have any other tips for procrastinating less? Tell us in the comments below!

How to Stop Procrastinating