Knowing When to Splurge or Save on Makeup Products

So I know many of you have already chosen sides when it comes to makeup. You’re probably an all round high end girl who only uses brands sold at Macy’s or Sephora. Some of you, however, are more budget driven, and prefer drugstore brands that tend to be more affordable. It is true that there was once a time when high end products definitely had a one up on their more inexpensive counterpart. However, latest releases have shown that there are some makeup products that you should save on since they are just as good. Here is a list arranged by product type that can help you decide if it’s worth the extra dollars.

Foundation- Splurge

I know many of you may not agree with this, and I will agree there are some drugstore foundations like the Revlon Color Stay and Neutrogena Healthy Skin that are worth noting, however, for the most part you’re better off splurging on this one. This is especially true if you tend to be oily, acne prone, or have sensitive skin. High end foundations tend to have a better finish, and for the most part are consistently good. I have had more wins trying high end products than I have had with low end ones. Also just think about it for a sec, you’re going to be covering your face with this on a regular basis. When it comes to your face, you’re going to want only the best, and no less, So go for it!

Eyeshadow- Splurge

Higher end eyeshadows are still much better than their more affordable counterparts. Of course there are some notable exceptions like the Makeup Geek, Colour Pop Shadows, and Nyx Hot Singles, but for the most part you are better off splurging. Higher end eyeshadows tend to be better pigmented, have a better texture, safer ingredients, and blend more easily. Also if you purchase eyeshadow palettes as opposed to singles, you often pay just as much per shadow as you would for a  more affordable brand so go for it!


Mascaras unlike a lot of other products are usually a hit or miss. I mean it either defines and lengthens or it doesn’t, there really is no in between. With the wide variety of offerings from drugstore brands like Maybelline you are better off saving on this one. Many drugstore mascaras are just as good if not better than higher end offerings. Mascaras to try include Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara, and Nyx The Skinny Mascara.

Lipstick/ Lipgloss- Save

In a world of Wet N’ Wild Matte Lipsticks, Color Pop Ultra Matte Lips, and Nyx Intense Butter Glosses there really isn’t any reason to be spending hundreds of dollars on lip products. Sure there was a time when you couldn’t get a good matte lipstick for under $12, but times are a changing. Many of the more affordable brands are also dupes for higher end lip products, so you can get not only the same quality but the same colors. Also everything from pigmentation to staying power is now comparable, so unless you have a love affair with the brand, this one is worth saving.

Concealer- Splurge

Concealers are a lot like foundation with the exception of being used on a smaller area. Whether you are using it to cover pimples or to cover dark circles, you’re going to want it to have good coverage and excellent staying power. Nothing is more annoying than having your concealer melt off your face after just 2 or so hours. You are more likely to find good high end concealers than you are low end ones. Also many high end concealers come with added benefits like the Boo Boo Coverup, that also treats your acne and other skin irritations. If you still have money left over after clearing out the makeup aisle then you should definitely splurge.

Makeup Tools- Save

If you’re serious about your makeup, you’re going to need good tools. Over the recent years many brands have emerged that offer makeup tools that are just as good, but cost far less than higher end brands. Makeup tools like Sigma, Coastal Scents are excellent in quality. They do an amazing job at applying makeup and do not shed, which means with proper care they can last for years. Also with brands like Morphe Brushes you can get really good brushes for as little at $2. So this is a definite save!

Well there you have it! What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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