3 Benefits of Joining a Sorority

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Benefits of joining a sorority
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Sorority life can benefit you in  more ways than one. Joining a sorority is more than just parties on weekends, and always having a second opinion on a cute outfit. The benefits of joining a sorority can be far more rewarding than that. From your professional to your personal well-being, being a member of a sorority can really impact your life in a positive way. Here are the top reasons why you should embrace sorority life and go greek:

1. Benefits of Joining a Sorority: Personal development


If popular movies and TV shows were to be believed, sororities mainly consist of former high school mean girls who spend their days plotting, scheming, and painting their fingernails. The truth is sororities are way more than that, and many of them are dedicated to selfless causes through volunteer programs. Volunteer programs not only look great on one’s resume, but it also helps to build a sense of purpose and positive self worth.


2. Benefits of Joining a Sorority: Networking


I’m sure you are all aware by now that things have changed and the job world is not what it once was. Sure having a college degree opens a lot off doors and helps you to overcome many hurdles, but in today’s world you’re going to need way more than that. Meritocracy has become a lost cause, and many people are getting jobs not due to what they know, but who they know.  Sorority life is therefore a great way to connect with people who share the same professional pursuits as yourself, and can help to make your future job search a lot easier.

3 Benefits of Joining a sorority
Sorority life can be a very rewarding experience

3. Benefits of Joining a Sorority: Scholarships


You’ve probably never thought about it, but being a member of a sorority can actually help you financially in a big way. Many sororities give their members scholarships to assist with paying for school, something which I’m sure many students could use. Currently student loans are on the verge of ballooning out of control; any assistance with paying for school can make a huge difference for a student’s present and future financial situation. In our opinion getting a scholarship through an organization that promotes fun and social responsibility makes college even more worth it.


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