Best Companies to Work For While in College

Best Companies to Work For While in College
The Best Companies to Work for While in College

Not all jobs are created equally, and that statement is especially true when it comes to jobs for college students. Whether it is a financial necessity, or simply a rite of passage into a world of greater independence, working while attending school can be a very rewarding experience. Apart from the obvious reasons, working while attending school can be a great way to get an early start on your career, by gaining that much needed experience that almost every employer require, avoiding that odd position of not having the experience necessary to gain experience. It also sends a message to everyone that you are more than capable of balancing two very important responsibilities through exceptional time management skills, something which is no doubt a plus.  While a job as a waitress at the local hot spot is an easy way to earn an income, the best companies for college students offer great part-time jobs with a high pay check as well as many other perks such as tuition reimbursement. Here are some of the best companies for college students to consider, some of which were named on Fortune's Best Companies to Work For 2015 list:

The Environmentalist/ SocialActivist- Whole Foods Market, Starbucks

If you are a social activist and/or environmentalist, chances are you value a company with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. Charlie Kannel, The Motley Fool in an article titled "Corporate Responsibility Spotlight: Whole Foods Market", describes Whole Foods as a company who achieves its goals through sound business practices, which promote making profits in harmony with nature.  In addition to their sound business practices, Whole Foods Market also offer very generous benefits package for part-time workers, which include medical benefits and tuition reimbursement. Starbucks, like Whole Foods, takes it corporate social responsibility very seriously, and recently began offering free tuition to its workers at the Arizona State University. Also like Whole Foods it provides both full time and part time employees with excellent benefits.

The Business Minded, Sales Oriented - Wells Fargo, American Express

If you're a business major, or  you enjoy working in a sales oriented environment,  a job at Wells Fargo or American Express is a great start. Both companies offer a great opportunity to learn about the financial industry, and will allow you to gain experience that may help you earn a bigger paycheck once you graduate. Glassdoor.com states that average salary for a Customer Care Professional at American Express is around $15.88, which is most definitely a good chunk of change for college students just starting out in the industry.

best companies to work for while in college
The best companies for college students offer great compensation, benefits and tuition reimbursement

The Tech Savvy- Apple, Verizon

If you spend most of your days dreaming about getting your hands on the latest gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, then you'll fit in great at Apple or Verizon. Both companies offer discounts on their latest products, and even give you chance to use products long before they are available to the general public. As if that wasn't enough you'll also enjoy some of the highest hourly rates in the industry as well as health care benefits, 401k, and paid time off even for part time workers.

The Trendsetter- Nordstrom, Sephora

Nordstrom and Sephora are both great choices for those who are addicted to beauty, and what the beauty industry has to offer. Both companies offer amazing discounts on cosmetics, skincare, and in the case of Nordstrom clothing and accessories. Also just in case you're worried that your paycheck is going to go right back to your employer, both companies offer great compensation. Elaine Wong, in an article for Forbes titled, "The Highest Paying Retail Sales Jobs", lists both Nordstrom and Sephora as having some of the highest hourly rates in retail. Nordstrom also offers tuition reimbursement, so you won't have to worry about sacrificing your college bills for cute shoes.

Are interested in working for any of these companies? Do you or have you worked for any of these companies? Tell us your experience in the comment section below.

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